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See Making Your Wisdom Come Alive, a newly revised and expanded e-book.

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"Making Your Wisdom Come Alive"

If you feel that you have the potential to find limitless Joy, free from the ups and downs of life, here's the place to look!!

Reading Michael’s book is like listening to a wonderful symphony that leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed.

It is highly recommended for all those who sense that there’s an alternative to suffering, and who want that alternative now.

George Fine

"Making Your Wisdom Come Alive" is a book for you if you are curious. If you want to know the Knowledge and Wisdom that catapulted Sages such as Christ, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Moses, and Shankara into states of indescribable Bliss and Freedom,
and most important you want to have direct experience of their ultimate freedom and happiness yourself.

Because it has been lost and then rediscovered again and again throughout history, this Wisdom always seemed mysterious and hard for most of us to comprehend. Thankfully, we now have freedom of speech and religion so that we can speak plainly without having to cloak our word in parables and other mysterious symbols.

Step by step we show you how to stride beyond your limitations,
into the sunny skies of freedom. This blissful freedom is
uncaused and therefore undying. It comes from the spring of Consciousness, your own Self-Nature.

After we open your eyes to this freedom, we allow many
different masters from many different cultures and religions
to tell you what they see, so that you can experience their
teachings in a new light.

We include such masters as Christ, Buddha, Hui Neng, Bankei,Shankara, Ramana Maharshi, Meister Eckhart and
more. We are sure that some of these masters will speak
right to your soul.

Michael Gluckman's, "Making Your Wisdom Come Alive,"makes your wisdom come alive through two catalysts: (1) devotion of the bulk of the book to nondual scriptures and the wisdom of recognized sages, and (2) Gluckman's engaging style, which is like one of those memorable teacher's you've had who makes things very understandable.

Gluckman doesn't simply quote Masters and Scripture. He hands them to you on a platter of commentary. But it's only a platter. He doesn't top them with sparklers or frosting. The result is a book which respects the reader and the spiritual source material. If there is a dominant tone to this book, it is 'respect'. To read this book is not to connect with Truth, but to see you are It.

Jerry Katz from Nonduality Salon

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Here is the introduction to "Making Your Wisdom Come Alive".

Sitting here in my chair in my little study off the main room of my house, I am thinking about what I would like to pass on to you from my meditation practice.

For the past 40 years I have been on the path of meditation. But this is a unique meditation. It unveils the deepest secret of the universe, a secret so simple that people just overlook it. A secret that not only takes you to the core of your own being, but to the very core of the universe itself, and once you discover it, you experience it directly; where you get the feeling that you knew this all the time.

In this book I am going to pass on the secret of standing as Wisdom and Happiness. The depth of this wisdom constantly amazes me. It’s no exaggeration to say that when you know this, it is like knowing everything.

If you wanted to take a guess as to where this secret lies, here is a hint. If you were God and wanted to put Wisdom and Happiness in the world, where would you put it? Now I know that like God you are a compassionate being, and since you are compassionate you would put it where the maximum number of people could experience it ― where it wouldn't’t matter if they were rich or poor, young or old, sick or well, or Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or Jew. That no matter what difference seems to distinguish people, they could still be happy and at peace. Maybe the same place that you would put this Happiness and Wisdom is the place where God put it.

However, if I were to tell you that you could stand as Infinite Wisdom and Bliss, could you believe me? How would you know that this book is not written from a figment of my imagination? How would you know that it comes from real experience accessible to anyone?

I would like to set up three tests to show the validity of the knowledge contained within this book:

First, is what I am saying reasonable? Does it make sense or is it some mystical mumbo jumbo that is incomprehensible? After reading this book, I think you will see that the Sages of old actually wanted you to understand what they were saying. You’ll see that spirituality and reason are not opposites.

Second, can you experience this? If you can’t experience what I say, what good is it?

Third, am I the only one to experience this or has this knowledge been passed down throughout the ages?

If while reading this book you find that it meets these three tests, I would encourage you to open your mind. Perhaps here, in this little book, you can discover the secret teachings, passed down from antiquity, that when discovered have made many people exceedingly joyful.

Hello Michael,

I have recently really discovered this. Not until now do I really understand what it is that you said to me years ago.

Now I see, and it is the most simple thing imaginable.

Thank you,

Zak Theis

About the book itself

"Making Your Wisdom Come Alive" is 286 - page electronic book that's
5 1/4 X 8 inches for easy reading. Unlike the version that we are going to print, the pictures are in full color.

An electronic book means that as soon as you authorize the purchase of this book you can download it from our site. There are no shipping and handling charges and you can start reading the book soon after the sale is completed.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Try "Making Your Wisdom Come Alive" for three months and I will take the risk. If during these three months, you aren't convinced that this is a wonderful opportunity to Light Up Your Life and to abide in your own Wisdom, if you aren't convinced that you can find the place of Peace and Happiness in your own heart, just as I've described, I'll cheerfully and quickly refund every cent of your money.

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A free Bonus

In fact we want you to understand this book so that you can Light
Up Your Life; so that you can fully enjoy the happiness and wisdom which is your birthright. That's why we are offering a special bonus. You can ask us three questions about this book and how you can apply this Wisdom to your life. We will answer them promptly in a nonjudgmental, confidential way. Upon the completion of your order we will give you a special email address that you can use for this purpose.

If you enjoyed this web site, if you enjoyed our direct and simple way of presenting this Wisdom, then you will really enjoy "Making Your Wisdom Come Alive" and the opportunity to:

  • Bring freshness and joy back into your life

  • Experience Happiness at its Source

  • Learn How to pull Emotional Pain out by its Root so that it will Bother You no more

  • Destroy stress and depression

  • Increase your Self Confidence

  • Deepen your meditation

  • Explore a most profound and beautiful
    place-right at the center of your mind

Because we are a new site, we are introducing our
book for only $19.95.
My friends told me that I should charge a lot more for
this book, but I want everyone who is interested in this Wisdom and who wants to improve their life to be able to order it.
There are two ways to order "Making Your Wisdom Come Alive".

First, use our convenient and secure ordering form and order right online.

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Second, call me at (408) 353-3555 ( USA ) and I will take your order over the phone. If I am not at my home office, please leave your name and phone number and a convenient time to reach you.

So please take my risk free offer and enjoy this wonderful journey home - to your own Self-Nature.

With joy, we wish you Peace and Happiness that can only come right from the Source.


Michael Gluckman

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